This service provides weekly political analysis in Mexico.

Monthly subscription: $6
Annual subscription: $60


What does this service provide? The service provides a weekly email about politics in Mexico. It began as a report on poll numbers prior to the 2018 presidential election. Following the election, it has transitioned to a memo focused on politics and how it impacts the economy and security in the country.

Will this include any other countries? This subscription will cover information, analysis and data from Mexico. Hxagon does not plan to offer any other Mexico-specific subscription newsletter services. Other countries, if and when they are offered, will be charged separately.

Does my company need to purchase multiple subscriptions if more than one person is using this information? Each subscription purchase will have the weekly newsletter sent to one email address. If you want to receive this at more than one email address, you'll need to buy more than one subscription. Within reasonable use, you may forward the email or the information within to people in your organization. You may not republish it online or redistribute it to people outside your organization. We reserve the right to change these conditions at a later time. 

Is my payment secure? The payment is securely processed via Stripe, one of the leading payment processing companies online. The recurring subscription is managed by MoonClerk. Hxagon never sees your credit card information. The only information Hxagon receives is your name, your email address and the fact the payment was processed.

Once I subscribe, how do I unsubscribe? When you subscribe, your emailed receipt from MoonClerk will include a link that will allow you to manage or cancel your subscription. You can also contact Hxagon and we can unsubscribe you.

I'm a poor college student. Can I get this for free? Nobody gets this service for free, but we can offer you a significant discount. Email Hxagon for more information. 

Can I get alerts for new poll numbers? Can I get daily alerts? Can I get an interactive graphic with historic data? Can this data come via an API that plugs into my server? Can you [insert cool feature request here]? Maybe. This weekly service will develop based on client feedback and feature requests. We are eager to hear your suggestions. Some suggestions may be incorporated into this product at no cost for all subscribers. We are also happy to discuss individual solutions that require additional time or technical effort that help meet your company's interests.

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