The Latin America Risk Report

Hxagon produces a weekly Latin America Risk Report. Paid subscribers get access to exclusive content and analysis.

Political risk analysis

Hxagon monitors political and security events in emerging markets to analyze their impact on the general economy, specific sectors or individual businesses. The company builds network-analysis maps of individuals, businesses and interest groups that are influencing key policymakers.

Bespoke Research

Hxagon researches and analyzes the reputation and political exposure of individuals and businesses through public documents and bespoke interviews. As part of a comprehensive due diligence process, this can identify potential legal and regulatory issues and management and budget concerns.


Hxagon provides trainings related to modern politics and security in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as global discussions on foreign threats to critical infrastructure.

Strategic consulting

Hxagon assists clients in structuring long-term and wide-reaching research efforts to meet their strategic objectives and identify potential partners or investments.

What We've Achieved

  • Predicted political shift that impacted regulations on a technology firm in an emerging market.

  • Successfully predicted the end result of a governor election in Mexico.

  • Successfully predicted the end result of an election in Ecuador for a client in the energy sector.

  • Analyzed the impact of likely sanctions on a new financial instrument.

  • Identified political risks within an insurance-linked security product that challenged its pricing.